Lusomaple is much more than an office furniture brand. In Lusomaple long list of features, we can point out the domestic market loyalty and the growing position in foreign markets. So we enforce our quality and so avenges our work.

Lusomaple materializes concepts, hand in hand with technology and specialized teams. We design, manufacture and distribute office furniture that exceed the highest quality standards. We take pride in always being one step ahead in the office and public spaces sector guidelines within the workplace. Lusomaple products, come to life on our computers, embodied through knowledge, talent and experience. So is the production of Lusomaple with modular furniture in different colours or chrome and table tops in wood, glass or metal.

No detail is overlooked. We know that the office furniture helps to convey the values of each company, so we have to design customization hypothesis for each client.

We join the pieces to create environments. Spaces that can be easily readjust on each change of work areas for a long lifetime. So we work all stages of office furniture creation with the most stringent quality control standards. Only then can we assure absolute customer satisfaction, growth, expansion and continued development.

We take steps to draw our success. On your side, just ask for the office furniture that matches your needs!